Why getting your name out there is so important!

Yesterday, we attended The Jobs Fair in Bristol at Colston Hall; our second this year.

It’s always a great reason to get out of the office as we get to chat to so many people and offer our assistance with their job searches.  Plus, it was a beautiful day, so we knew plenty of people would plan to visit but there would be many more out and about who would drop in; the weather really does have an effect on recruitment!

It can be pretty overwhelming for jobseekers to walk into a venue with tens of potential employers – we get it!  So, we always make a point of being friendly and approachable and have them come away feeling armed with the advice needed to support their job search.  And for this, we received lots of lovely compliments.

It’s also hugely important for us to promote ourselves and the Pear Tree Recruitment brand, even if it is with a bowl of ‘pear’ drops on our stand to entice people into talking to us!

Whatever your reason for attending this event, be it as a jobseeker or an employer, it got us thinking how important it is to get your name out there. 

Personally, going to events like these really builds my confidence.  It also shows just me how much I know and by following the lead of the great consultants here, I get to learn new skills too.  The people we spoke to said how much they were learning about different types of job roles that are available.  Many were interested in our opportunities as well which is great to hear as that’s ultimately the service we were there to offer!

And for those we couldn’t assist at this time, just having a chat would have been beneficial as we were happy to point them in the right direction of those employers that would likely be interested in their details and advise them if new to the Bristol market.

So, if you are looking for your next role, get your name out there today!  Pop us an email to or give us a call on 0117 325 9010, we would love  to hear from you!



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