We’re growing the team & looking for a graduate!

Your degree has come to an end, you’ve written your dissertation, picked your graduation outfit and you thought that was hard. Your family are asking – ‘What’s next?!’ and your friends are all getting offers for graduate placements.  Feeling the pressure?

I’ve been there!

I was loving my summer temp job and the study-free evenings and weekends, but as summer was nearing to an end and I still hadn’t secured a ‘real’ job, I started to panic.

I was emailing companies to find out if there were any opportunities and applying to grad schemes, but the competition was high, and my experience and confidence were limited. I wanted a role that fitted in with my degree, otherwise what was the point in the last 3 years?!

I was scrolling through my university careers page and came across the internship role with Pear Tree Recruitment. I sent my usual email over about knowing my experience was limited but how my degree would assist me here, here and here and that I was willing to learn – I just needed someone to give me that first foot in the door! Refreshingly, that was exactly what Pear Tree were looking for!

Here I am 18 months later and still loving every day here!

Pear Tree are a small team of 5 and we’re still relatively new, but the team here know their stuff.  If you’re looking for a graduate role where the time will be taken to teach you everything you need to know whilst giving you the autonomy and freedom to grow – we are the company for you!

I’ve gained skills I didn’t even know I needed, grown more confident and feel like an integral part of the company which a lot of graduate opportunities don’t offer due to the size of the business. We swap the stereotypical recruitment nights out for spa days and your hard work and ideas don’t go unnoticed!

You might not have considered a graduate opportunity in recruitment or an internship, but if you are business focused, ambitious and like dealing with people – we could be a great option for you.

If you want to apply for our Associate Recruitment vacancy or find out more, give us a call on 0117 325 9010.

And if you want the inside track – drop me a line and I can tell you what it’s like!


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