The truth about recruitment companies

…well, this one anyway!

It feels like my graduation was a lifetime ago, but that’s when this story starts.   As a fresh faced and possibly a tad naive grad launching myself in to the world of work – I’d already had a taste of how recruitment companies operate.  Spammed by emails and hounded by calls after carefully uploading my CV to a well-known job board, I’d be lying if I said that first impressions were positive!

But then I applied to a role advertised by Pear Tree.

Not all agencies are the same.

Today is Employee Appreciation Day and fittingly, this post is about how great my team of consultants here at Pear Tree Recruitment are.  They really do want the best for all candidates and clients. That’s why I’m sending appreciation their way today.  Oh and also because they may reward my geniusly worded blog with cake.

If you’re still in the ‘not convinced’ camp when it comes to working with recruitment agencies, have a read of the benefits you’ll find when you get in touch with us.

  • The consultants are not just trying to make money!

They all genuinely care about finding candidates and clients their right fit. There’s no point in squeezing a candidate into a role if we don’t think they will thrive there.
We’ll never push candidates into a role they’re not 100% sure on.

  • Work hard, play hard

The team here are busy working Mums, so the work hard play hard mentality has a slightly different twist when you spend your free time at softplay, dance class and rugby matches.  But in all seriousness – we’re a team that strive to achieve.  Doesn’t everyone want to work hard and reap the rewards?

  • Employee motivation

Living off a strict celery diet, the team lunches and cake Fridays here are a great way to motivate our team and reward everyone for a great month… apart from when it comes to dieting for those summer bodies!

  • We don’t harass our candidates or clients

Occasionally we have to chase, and it may feel a bit like stalking… but we’ll only chase when we know there’s a fab opportunity out there for you or when we have a candidate that totally matches our client’s brief.  We don’t want either party to miss out; perseverance is key after all!

  • We’re a great team!

We find and work with talented candidates and we match them to superb job opportunities.  There’s plenty of both out there, so working as a team ensures we get the best outcomes for our clients and candidates.  We work hard to keep everyone in the loop and share candidates’ skills so we can be sure no vacancy is overlooked.

So, in a nutshell, I’m a big fan of the way we work here.  The last 18 months has taught me that when you’re surrounded by people with the right morals, the drive to succeed and the ethical code of conduct to always do it correctly, great things happen.



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