Perfecting the ‘swan’

While we are both private people, it has come to light that there is a genuine interest from our clients, candidates, family and friends as to how we are finding the juggling act that has come with starting up and getting our business established while running busy homes and even busier families. We felt what better way to document this than with a wear-our-heart-on-our-sleeves blog that will show how the business evolves over the coming weeks, months and hopefully years, alongside our reality as working mums.


It’s hard to believe that we’re almost 2 months in already and we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response received so far.  While it’s early days, we couldn’t have asked for a better start – we’ve had a healthy number of jobs to work on, a great candidate response that sees our new database growing daily, not to mention plenty of interest from prospect clients.  We’ve made several placements and in doing so, given those candidates what we hope was a great job-seeking experience while solidifying relationships with their new employers.  Our brand is slowly but surely gathering interest in the market – no, we aren’t at 1000 Facebook likes just yet, but we’re almost at 100 – baby steps in the labyrinth that is social media but it’s a start!


One thing that has been an eye-opener for us is the fact that when you do it for yourself, there’s no such thing as starting work on Monday at 9.00 a.m. and switching off on Friday at 5.00 p.m.  Queue us perfecting the ‘swan’ – kicking like crazy to stay afloat while looking the picture of serenity on the surface!  We’re shortlisting candidates while eating our dinner and sending invoices over breakfast, putting in work whenever we have a spare hour, or minute – which we obviously have oodles of with 5 small kids (and 2 big kids, or husbands!) between us!  Then, no-one said that starting our own business would be easy and we would have been fools to think this would be the case.  The difference is that going to work no longer resembles the daily grind…wake up, sort self, sort kids, drop kids off, battle through traffic, run through town, arrive with seconds to spare feeling (and looking) angry at the world and dishevelled to say the least!  We still start the day at the same time and put in the same (if not more) hours.  The difference is we are absolutely loving it and loving life, and really excited to see what the next month brings!


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