Part of the furniture…?

What happens when you’ve been in your role for a year…

Well, you don’t feel like the newbie anymore that’s for sure.  Part of the furniture? Perhaps, in a good way of course.  Part of a team that’s really going places? Yes definitely.

The probationary period is the first marker and obviously, it’s important to sail through that stage; it’s a relief and helps you to feel more settled.  After that though – reaching a year is a good achievement.

So – when you’re working in a recruitment consultancy, with colleagues that you’ve worked with before – what can we use as a gauge of success over the first year?  In our industry, it’s easy to look at targets, placements made, new business generated etc but here at Pear Tree – my role is more than that.

I’m not a cog in a machine that churns out profit, I’m not one of a room full of people grappling over candidates.  I love that our roles are much more service driven.  Aiming to delight our clients and candidates by ensuring our service is second to none.  It’s great to work in this way and it’s definitely the best approach to the recruitment process.  In a hugely competitive industry, it’s great that our USP is our quality of service.

Aside from that, I’ve enjoyed our charity efforts – helping the Foodbank over Christmas and now planning our Big Quiz for Jessie May.  This last twelve months has seen our social media presence soar and our client base grow significantly. We’ve also expanded our office and embraced a super duper CRM system. I’ve been included in all of this – as have all of our team.

So, if you’ve been a part of this last twelve months with me – whether you’re a client that’s working with us or a candidate that we’ve been able to help along the way – thank you.

Of course, a big thank you goes to the wonderful, if slightly crazy peeps that make up the Pear Tree team.

Happy 1 year work anniversary Kate!


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