It’s World Smile Day!

The yellow smiley face, created by Harvey Ball is an iconic symbol of happiness.  Sometimes used sarcastically but more often than not, used to show feelings of joy and satisfaction.

From this, World Smile Day was created – and what a lovely day to acknowledge, especially as we head into the season of grim, grey days!

  1. Make yourself smile….

So – whilst you’re pondering your to-do list, why not have a think about what makes you smile? Simple, right?   Although we found it pretty hard to think of something off the top of our heads. Here’s a few starters:


  1. Random acts of kindness… (this actually has it’s own National Day on 17th Feb)

You don’t need to become the local superhero, but, what seems a small and simple gesture can really brighten someone’s day.  The added benefit is that you get that warm fuzzy glow too.  Help someone carry something to their car… offer to buy someone else a coffee…

Everyone has time for coffee!

  1. Here’s a puppy with their teddy… are you smiling yet?
  4.   Hide away if you want to!

If you’ve had enough of the ‘national days’ and want to hide away instead of celebrating them then that’s fine if that makes you happy… as long as you’re happy and smiling!

Happy World Smile Day 😊


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