It’s time to love your job!

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Whether you’ve been dating for a few months, you are celebrating your 10-year wedding anniversary (like our Director Gemma and her husband Jan!) or you’re happily single, we can all relate to this meme:But let’s forget about the clichés of Valentines Day and Galentines Day – although important I’ll admit and take a second to look at your current role – does it make your heart skip a beat for all the right reasons or make you as happy as half price chocolate?

I think when you love your job, your team and the workplace it allows you to be creative, it motivates you to do well and it makes you feel proud! I asked our Twitter followers and the team at Pear Tree what they love about their job.


I love that everyday is different. The variety of my role keeps me on my toes, juggling many balls in a fast paced environment.

         Karley, Pear Tree Recruitment


You might not want a relationship that keeps you on your toes, but a job that excites you and motivates you to do well is great!


I get to be myself, work with great colleagues and I also am able to be creative! I also love the fact that we are such a good team and always get through whatever is thrown at us!

          The team at Busy Bee Recruitment @busy_recruit


I love that when I get to work I am me; a career minded and motivated recruiter.  (I have left Mum/Wife/Cook and Washer-upper versions of me at home).

There is always copious amounts of tea on offer too!

         Kate, Pear Tree Recruitment


Your significant other might not make you tea on tap, but you can be sure there will always be tea going in the office!


I love how creative I can be. Every day is different here at Core Atlantic and of course, it’s full of amazing opportunities.

         The team at Core Atlantic @Core_Atlantic


 I love everything about my job. I’m one of the few that wake up in the morning looking forward to my work. I love to communicate with like-minded people in recruitment. It’s so rewarding knowing you have helped someone.

         Jason Culleton, Agency Central @Jason_Culleton


When your partner is snoring all night or pulling the duvet off you, you might not be the happiest waking up to them every morning, but we can help find you a job you love waking up for!


Let us be your valentine this year and find you a job you’ll love! 0117 325 9010



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