It’s National Bosses Day!

So, it’s #NationalBossesDay today and we feel it’s only right to celebrate the whirlwind double act that the team here at Pear Tree Recruitment get to call our Bosses.

Like so many important ‘pears’ (see what we did there?) our two complement each other perfectly.  Like salt and vinegar, fish and chips, Batman & Robin – Jo and Gemma have that perfect blend of working together seamlessly.  They lead from the front like Southgate and Kane whilst keeping us all entertained like Ant and Dec.

Seriously though, there are certain qualities that make for a good boss – or bosses in our case.  I’m sure this could be a long list but here’s a few to kick us off….


Brimming with passion for what we do, our bosses unquestionably love recruitment.  They remind us daily of why we all love our jobs and they never run out of passion.  (This may well be irrevocably linked to never running out of tea but we’re not going to take the risk of finding out…)


They’ve always got our backs.  Encouraging the team to try new things, or when we’re trying to find a different solution to a client’s recruitment problem – it’s vital to feel supported in our jobs.  Always there to help if needed but keen to let us spread our wings too.  Like proud parents watching their armband-free child attempt a width of the pool for the first time, they’re on the side-line cheering us on.


Nobody wants a moody boss, or one who’s expectations seem to change daily.  Working towards agreed goals, with key measures along the way to ensure we are successful is really important.  Knowing that every day, we’re coming to work in a positive environment with a lot of laughs is key to staff happiness, and that is vital.


Our bosses are proud.  Not just of us, but of themselves and their business too.  Working for a manager who takes a real pride in everything they do and everything they are is actually contagious.  Never settling for ‘good enough’ and always striving to achieve more is the best way to work.  We don’t hesitate in telling our clients this – because they deserve that kind of service too.


So – celebrate your boss today, especially if they’re at the top of the tree and don’t have a boss to lead them.

Good job it’s only once a year! (that’s enough praise).


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