Is your enthusiasm as flat as a pancake?

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While pancake day has been and gone, is that feeling of flat enthusiasm still hanging around?

If you’re rocking up to work every day fed up, knowing deep down that you don’t really want to be there, then it’s time to pour yourself a big coffee, take some time out and have a good old look at what needs fixing.

Don’t be afraid of feeling like that though! I think that’s the mistake we all make when we acknowledge that we’re not happy in our job: we panic. We worry about ‘what next?’ and we become anxious.

Yes, looking for a new role can be daunting and time consuming and nerve wracking and involve secrecy, with extra work needed at home to prepare etc. But, if you set your stall out properly, get some support and advice from the right people, it’s a great opportunity for personal development.

This isn’t really a plug for Pear Tree…

It’s more a shout out to anyone who’s considering their career, anyone who’d benefit from some advice and just a fresh pair of eyes on the situation. Recruiters can help with that, and the best ones do it all the time. We know our market, we know the companies in our region and what skills are needed by who. We know all about salaries and can advise you on that, too.

Actually, you’ll find that the most passionate and professional recruiters are more than happy to share our knowledge in a bid to help you. If what you’re looking for isn’t our area of specialism, we’ll always try to point you in the right direction.

So, give us a call in the wake of this pancake day and let’s tackle your flat enthusiasm together – I’m sure we can make it batter!


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