Can we self manage stress?

Yep. We’ve all been there. No matter your job title or role, sometimes it all gets a bit too much and you honestly don’t know how you’re going to complete the task, get through the week and find the light at the end of the tunnel. Even the smallest tasks become more challenging and it’s common for our minds to go in to shut down.

However, everyone experiences elements of stress differently.  Some of us have found ways of coping and alleviating the burden, others may well be trying to cope and need some help.

At Pear Tree – we all agree that it’s helpful to share the worry; to have someone to support you in coping and to be on hand should you need some back up.

A few other ideas, more along the lines of taking care of yourself, might be a good starting point and certainly won’t do any harm…


Gemma finds this therapeutic.  Time out from work and home jobs, when the kids are tucked up in their beds.  Spending some quality time getting stuck in to a good recipe and creating a masterpiece can feel like an achievement.  It’s a real positive and is followed by the reward of eating whatever she’s created!


Preferable from a book rather than on a screen, being engrossed in a good book serves as time out from real life.

Gym / Running

There’s so much to support the argument that exercise is a good counter balance to stress.  Jo and Kate can be found pacing the pavement of Bristol or lifting heavy in the gym.  The endorphins kick in and within no time, you’re feeling improved.  Even if not entirely fixed, it’s a good thing to do.


For Karley, the latest Netflix offering and a good glass or two of wine helps her wind down from the stressful and busy days.  It’s all about pyjamas and chilling out on the sofa.

Fresh Air

Maddie is one for getting out there and walking it off.  The fresh air will work wonders! Getting out of the office or the house, going for a walk or a run – no matter the length. 10 – 20 minutes can be long enough to take the mind elsewhere and helps to put in to perspective the thing that’s causing the worry.

It’d be great if these tried and tested helps worked for everyone, but the fact is – they don’t.  It’s so important to listen to yourself and rest / run / read if that’s what works for you.  And, if you are in that situation where it’s all getting a bit too much – just know that you’re not on your own and there are people out there who really do want to help.   Friends and family, colleagues and the Stress Management Society which can be found here:


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