Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!

A whole year has passed.  That’s almost 9000 hours of seriously hard graft and 9000 hours of living and breathing all things Pear Tree…that is, while ensuring we still meet the needs of our small humans and try our best to not allow the dreaded ‘mum guilt’ to be all consuming.  We’re a little older… Read more

When we got ourselves an office...and grew ourselves a team!

When we got ourselves an office…and grew ourselves a team!

  The balancing act that comes with the territory of running a business and running our families means we have reached a whole new level of busy.  Therefore, our commitment to regular blogging has fallen by the wayside (naughty us) and there’s now lots (and lots) to update on.  We celebrated our half birthday like… Read more

The Perfect Job Share

This month’s blog gives a true insight into how we have found starting up our own business – for those who haven’t done it, read this and feel inspired to do so; those who haven’t done it, read this and think ‘rather you than me’; and let’s not forget those that have done it, read… Read more

Perfecting the ‘swan’

While we are both private people, it has come to light that there is a genuine interest from our clients, candidates, family and friends as to how we are finding the juggling act that has come with starting up and getting our business established while running busy homes and even busier families. We felt what better… Read more

Pear Tree Recruitment…we are live!

We are so excited to announce that Pear Tree Recruitment is officially open for business!  After lots of careful consideration, we decided to take the leap and leave the security blanket of our previous roles to set out on this new venture of becoming our own bosses and opening our own business.  Both with young… Read more