Sliding Doors...

Sliding Doors…

Sadly, my time at Pear Tree Recruitment is coming to end but what an amazing 2 and a half years I have had and it is the start of something new and exciting for all of us! I have learnt so much from all of the team here and have grown so much. My view… Read more

It's National Bosses Day!

It’s National Bosses Day!

So, it’s #NationalBossesDay today and we feel it’s only right to celebrate the whirlwind double act that the team here at Pear Tree Recruitment get to call our Bosses. Like so many important ‘pears’ (see what we did there?) our two complement each other perfectly.  Like salt and vinegar, fish and chips, Batman & Robin… Read more

It's World Smile Day!

It’s World Smile Day!

The yellow smiley face, created by Harvey Ball is an iconic symbol of happiness.  Sometimes used sarcastically but more often than not, used to show feelings of joy and satisfaction. From this, World Smile Day was created – and what a lovely day to acknowledge, especially as we head into the season of grim, grey… Read more

Part of the furniture...?

Part of the furniture…?

What happens when you’ve been in your role for a year… Well, you don’t feel like the newbie anymore that’s for sure.  Part of the furniture? Perhaps, in a good way of course.  Part of a team that’s really going places? Yes definitely. The probationary period is the first marker and obviously, it’s important to… Read more

Kick-Start September

Kick-Start September

Summer is nearly over and another bank holiday has been and gone – the last one until Christmas – do we dare to mention the ‘C’ word this early?!  For the team here, we’ve enjoyed the summer holidays, survived the childcare struggles that this invariably brings, and still managed to get plenty of work done…. Read more