Beat Blue Monday and start your 2019 job search!

It might be Blue Monday, but we’re here to assist your job search and give you that motivation for 2019 so you can find your dream job! We’ve got five ways to start your job search in 2019…


Dust off that CV! – take a fresh look at yourself.

Do you still have all your year 11 accomplishments or are those interests so 5 years ago? Even if you are not looking for a role right now, it is good to keep your CV as fresh as possible adding in your new duties as you go. Have a look at our CV tips blog post for more advice:


Social Media – are you working it to your advantage?

Start posting regularly on LinkedIn with articles you find interesting or that will be relevant to skills you want to achieve in your next role. Check your Twitter and Instagram and make sure you would be happy for a current or a potential employer to see what you are posting! If not, it might be time to make those accounts private or delete certain posts…


What do you want to do?

Take the time to think about what is important to you! Whether it be your ideal role would be or the type of company you want to work for. Have a look at company values and promises and see if you think you would fit in there!


The dreaded networking!

It doesn’t have to consist of you rocking up to a room full of strangers and trying to make them love you!  Talk to people; ex-colleagues, friends-of-friends etc – ask to be introduced. It’s never going to do any harm to let people know you’re interested in their line of work and to ask for pointers. We’re attending the Colston Hall Job Fair this Wednesday – come and see us there for a chat!

  Find us by the pear drops!


Be proactive – it’s cliché but true!

Make a call or send an email a day directly to the Company, Hiring Manager or Recruitment Manager to ask about opportunities. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a reply or if there aren’t any current opportunities. Your name will be out there – patience and pro-activeness can be rewarding!


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