2019: the year to get out of your comfort zone

So, I’m sat on the train, stressing about Networking.  I’m on my way to a marketing workshop with Traffic Jam Media I’m totally bought into the subject and can’t wait to learn, yet why am I so nervous?  Is it because it’s new to me?  Or is it the heaps of other people (probably like-minded and there to learn too) that I’ll have to introduce myself to?

It’s the whole comfort zone thing.  It’s so much easier to sit at my desk and do the work I know I’m already good at.  But deep down, I think we all know that nothing good ever came from a comfort zone.


Another new thing I did (go me!) was the Jobs Fair
whilst I was in ‘the zone’ planning and organising everything for the team, I certainly didn’t expect to be meeting and greeting the plethora of candidates and clients that came to see us.   But I can see now, that my work that day has directly contributed to several candidates now having new jobs. The positives really do outweigh the perceived negatives of taking the plunge and doing something you didn’t think you could do!

It won’t be as bad as you first thought …

You are good at what you do – and if you don’t know an answer to something, that’s ok.  People like people – so getting out there and networking means you can find your type of people whether that’s a new employer or peers to help you out.

You’re not the only one

Seriously, it’s like your first day of school or university all over again.  You survived that.
There’ll be others who are attending a networking event or a training course for the first time as well and you know what? No one knows!!

Make yourself proud

Challenging yourself and pushing your boundaries is an achievement.  So big yourself up! And just think, next time it’ll be even easier.

It’ll motivate you

When you succeed in something you were worried about, let it power you on to think about how many other things you can accomplish!

This year, I’m going to attend as many networking, training events and workshops as I can!

If you’re ready to leave your comfort zone behind you and you’re looking for a new role to thrive in, get in touch with us today!


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