Are you being too honest?

Honesty is always the best policy, right?

If you’ve left your last job because it was dreadful or for whatever reason, you really weren’t happy there – how do you explain this to prospective employers?

We’re here to help you.  Yes, we can read your CV and understand what skills and experience you have but we also really need to know about you.  What’s important to you? And what will make you happy in your next job?

Try changing your reasons for leaving a role into something more positive.


“The job was really boring”
“I want to feel challenged in my next role”


“The commute took ages, so I was always late”
“I’m looking to work somewhere closer to home for
a better work-life balance”


“There was no work for me to do”
“I’d love to work in a company where I can progress
and take on more responsibility”


“The people were horrible”
“I’m a real team player and it’s important to me to find a great team to be part of”


It’s certainly good to be honest with recruiters and employers when going for interviews to help ensure that you find a great role in a company, you’re happy with.


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